Plan Your Big Day With a Wedding Website

Wedding planning is certainly a difficult task. You will need to spend a lot of time to plan for your most perfect day in your life. When you are planning for your wedding, there are a lot of decisions you have to make. However, since no one will have experience when they are planning for their wedding, unless it is his / her second wedding, it is always very difficult for you to make the right decisions.

You may want to know how you can learn the techniques to plan your wedding so that you will be making the right decisions. In fact, you can learn a lot from the web. The internet is really a great source of knowledge nowadays. You can visit the wedding websites of the other couples to learn about how they make the decisions.

In fact, a lot of couples will consider creating a wedding website. They would like to share their experience during wedding planning. It will be perfect for you to learn from their experiences. The wedding websites are really a great source for couples. In most cases, a couple who runs a wedding website will leave a contact email address for you to contact them. You can even contact them to ask questions about their opinion. The interaction amount couples will help you to plan for your wedding.

To this end you may also want to create your own wedding website. Again, you will be creating a wedding website to share your experiences. You will help the other couples to plan for their weddings. It is very interesting that couples can help one another nowadays. Without the internet technology, it is very difficult for couples to do so.

In fact, the function of a wedding website is not only sharing, you may even plan your wedding using your website. For example, there are companies which will help you to create wedding websites. These companies will add a lot of functions to your site. You may be able to arrange your guests list online. There may even be an online organizer so that you can keep tracking your schedule. The advantage of this is that you can access the information anywhere. What you need is only internet connection.

One of the most difficult parts in your wedding planning is managing the guest list. You will need to know who is going to attend and who is not. With the wedding website, you will be able to arrange this. You may even send some e-RSVP to your guests so that your guests can reply you online. When they reply you online, it will be stored in the database and you will be able to keep track of your guest list without any difficulty.

A wedding website is really something wonderful for you to plan for your wedding. If you have not created a wedding website yet, you should do it now so that you can on one hand share your experience and on the other hand use the website to help you to plan for the wedding!

How To Decide On A Wedding Website Provider

1) Budget

There are wedding website services that range from $0-$1,000+. So whatever your budget is, there is a wedding website service to provide the solution.

Setting your budget is the first step. For the majority of couples, a free or cheap wedding website is the ideal solution for them. A template and “cookie-cutter” website will work for them. Other couples may want more of a custom solution, where a website designer creates a one-of-a-kind wedding website based on their wedding theme and personal requests. By setting your budget first, you can weed out the wedding website service providers that just are not what you had in mind.

2) Features

You name it, you can have it:

wedding countdown,

photo gallery,

custom theme,

flash intro,

guest book,

password protected area,




custom domain name,

poll, and quizzes

the possibilities are endless.

By narrowing down what you want, need, and can afford – it will help you decide on a wedding website. For those couples who just want the basic pages, many times you can find a free solution. For couples wanting a more ‘feature-packed’ solution, it may cost you a little more $$$. This factor ties hand in hand with factor 1 – the budget.

3) Period of Time

If you plan on keeping your website for months or years, that is your choice. Some couples may want to convert their wedding website into a wedding memory website where guests can share their personal memories and photos from the wedding. Other couples may just want the wedding details on the website until the day of the wedding. This is a factor you will have to consider when choosing a wedding service provider. Most companies offer different options and packages for you to choose from that are dependent on the length of time your wedding website will be live.

There are many great wedding websites out there, these tips will help you decide which one is the right one for you.

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Find a Free Wedding Website

Though there are some wedding websites that charge a fee for their services, it is very possible to find free wedding websites that give you the exact information as the other ones for absolutely nothing.

Planning a wedding is not an easy task and it can sometimes weigh you down with the many expenses that come with it. The last thing you want to do is spend more money on ideas. That is why free wedding websites are so important.

Websites for weddings, even the free ones, will take you through each and every step of your wedding planning and give you endless ideas on the right things to do. There are some websites that will not only show you how to go about your planning, but also provide you with the places to go looking for the materials. You will be taken through endless wedding shops that will give you the chance to compare on the decorations and cakes.

There are also free websites for weddings that will give you information on the wedding planners and caterers. These are very important services and no wedding can do without them. You will be directed on the right places to get this help and also at the lowest cost. Wedding websites also save you a lot of time that you would have used going around your family member’s houses asking how they went around their wedding planning.

What’s better than sitting down in your house and perusing through the net for all the important things you need to know about your wedding plans. You get to save a lot of money and time and the end result will be you getting the right ideas and the places to get your materials without having spent a dime or even broken a sweat. In these harsh economic times, saving some cash is not such a bad idea.

3 Steps To Start Your Wedding Website

A wedding website can help you to share all the moments and emotions when you are planning your wedding. You can also remind your guests the date and time of your wedding. You can even put a map in the website so that your guests can go to the venue easily. In the past, unless you had a lot of knowledge on HTML and programming, it will not be possible for you to make your own website. You needed professionals in the web designing industry to help you to develop the wedding website.

Thanks to the advance in internet technology and open source softwares, you can now develop your own wedding website yourself without any difficulty. Nearly no knowledge in HTML and programming will be needed. The user interface for setting up the site is extremely user friendly that my grandma in her eighties can also master the website. Although it is relatively easy to make a wedding website, you may still follow some steps to make it come true.

1 Register a domain and get it hosted

The very first thing you need to do is to register the domain name of your site. You can search for the availability of a domain name and register even from Yahoo! The only thing you need to decide is to think of options of domain names that you like.

In fact many hosting companies can register the domain name for you. In this case you will not need to register it separately from the domain registrar. Since you will need to host your site anyway, it does you no harm to have the hosting company to register the domain name for you.

When we talk about the hosting issue, hosting companies usually offer different hosting plans. The price can range from USD5 to a few hundred a month (this price is usually for a dedicated server). For a normal wedding website, a hosting plan with 2G of disk space and 20G of traffic will be more than enough.

2 Select the software

The second step in developing your wedding website is to select the software you are going to use. Many hosting companies provide user friendly interface to install these softwares. You can ask if they provide such services beforehand. If you have the programming skills to make a website, you may not need any of these softwares. If this is the case, however, I will suppose that you have already skipped this article!

One of the most convenient software for a wedding website is indeed a blog. Most people are accustomed to read blogs and it is not surprised for a couple to have a wedding blog. WordPress will be one of the choices if you go for the option of wedding blog. What is good about WordPress is that it is easy to use and you can have plenty of options on design templates.

Besides, you can also make use of some content management systems (CMS) for your wedding website. Mambo and PhpNuke will be good options for a CMS. Unlike a blog, the structure of a content management system is normally more sophisticated. You can have more options to organize your messages to your friends and relatives.

3 Maintain your wedding site

Webmasters will agree that maintaining a website is not an easy task. This is also true for a wedding website. You need to firstly take some time to familiarize yourself with the software you choose. Then you can start write your messages and upload the contents to the website.

Certainly you will upload some photos to your website. You should bear in mind that although the internet connection is quite fast nowadays, you should not upload photos which are too large in file sizes. For a normal jpg image, a file size of 100k will be good enough. However, you have to remind both yourself and the users of your website that these photos are meant to be used on the internet and their resolutions are not high enough for printing since the resolution needed for displaying on a monitor is only 72 dpi.

With these three steps, you should be able to set up your own wedding website without any difficulty. So please do not wait and act now to start your own wedding website today.

Plan Your Dream Wedding in Style with a Personal Wedding Website

Wedding is the most cherishing moment in a person’s life. For couples worldwide, this is the day they dream of making memorable. A grand wedding celebration calls for some serious planning and proper arrangement. Wedding plans need to be prepared in advance so as to avoid any embarrassment on the D-day. Details of the occasion are discussed by family members and relatives. Nowadays, it often turns out that most of us fail to make each and everyone a part of the wedding arrangement owing to time crunch or busy schedule. But if you want to make all your close ones a part of the big occasion, a personal wedding website is the right solution for you!

Creating a personal wedding website is a unique way to keep your friends and family members updated of the wedding arrangements. The couples-to-be can send out information to their relatives online and also invite suggestions from them. This gesture on part of the couple makes the friends and family members feel happy about their active participation in the big occasion. Thus a personal wedding website sets the platform for the grandest celebration of a lifetime.

Building a personal wedding website is free of hassles as the main features are already included when purchasing your package. All you need to do is provide the content for your wedding site. The features that are mostly included are Online RSVP, Registry Information, Ceremony Details, Photo Gallery, etc. These details can be easily viewed by the guests. In case, the couple has failed to chalk out the details, the guests are welcome to offer their suggestions for the wedding plan. It’s good to have a blog or Poll feature on your site. This would allow your family members and friends to give their feedback regarding the wedding arrangements. Besides, if you want an extraordinary design layout for your site, you can take the help of professional designers or expert consultants. This might help you to concentrate on areas you might otherwise have overlooked.

Many of us feel that a personal wedding website is useful only till the day of the reception. This is an absolutely trash idea as special moments follow your wedding. Photographs of honeymoon can be posted on the site. As years roll on, the website will feature photos of your new home, your children, and many more moments of happiness. Your personal wedding website is thus transformed into your family site where all the happy years can be shared with your family members and friends. No doubt then, that the greatest thing a personal wedding website can offer is happiness! The other benefits come later.

Talking of some of the other advantages, most personal wedding website packages offer a website along with a unique domain name to the couples. Most of these organizations allow the couple to keep their domain name as well as update its content on payment of a small sum. This little expense works wonders to bring an invaluable smile on your dear ones’ lips. As years roll on, your website reminds of the wonderful wedding bells that had rung in the past years. Those unforgettable moments are relived again and again; the memory lingers on… 🙂