Wedding Website

If you are planning on getting married soon you should open your own wedding website. Your wedding website will allow you to manage all of the details of your wedding. At the end of your wedding you can even have your very own wedding page to post all of your gorgeous wedding photos for all of your loved ones to see.

The wedding website will let you drag and drop the photos right into each slot you choose. The wedding website even allows you to add video clips from your wedding or wedding reception as well as music. Keep your song alive in the minds of your family and friends. Whenever they hear it, they will think of the beautiful couple.

With your own wedding website you can choose to have your own domain. You can use both of your names at .com. This will make it easy for the two of you and family and friends to remember.

You can let everyone know how your guy proposed or how your girl proposed. Maybe it is a romantic story of the proposal or maybe it was a comedy of errors on how the proposal went. People like to read how one was proposed to. You can share any funny stories the two of you want known. You can even make up games for your friends to play while they are online. Share any after the wedding moments and/or post all of the happenings of your wedding reception to always have and read year after year.

Before the wedding even happens you will be able to plan your wedding online. You can keep track of the guest list. You and your spouse can easily double check the list so as not to forget anyone important to your wedding.

You will easily be able to send out e-mails to people to make sure they write the important date or dates on their calendar for your rehearsal dinner, wedding and wedding reception.

Plan your seating arrangement for your wedding dinner online as well. Make sure you have your wedding party table arranged and your immediate family’s table to your liking.

You can add your budget on the wedding website. Keep track of flower ordering, balloon ordering, cake ordering and more. You can make sure you do not spend more than you wanted to so you will not be shocked when the wedding bill comes.

How to Make a Wedding Website

Creating a wedding website is a fun and easy way to capture all the joy of your big day. While the word ‘website’ may sound a bit intimidating to you, creating a website is a process that is easy to do and there are many companies that exist today that make it so anyone can design their own wedding website, regardless of technical skill.

Many website companies will even allow you to design your website for free. While this will provide you with a basic wedding website, you can opt to pay a little bit of money and really get some awesome features.

You should be certain that the company you ultimately go with does allow you to create a wedding DVD keepsake. This will cost you some money, but it will also help you to preserve the memory of your wedding day for the rest of your life.

Once you have done some looking around and you find a website company that you think will suit your needs, all you have to do to create your very own wedding website is conduct the following five steps:

1. Sign-Up: Before you pay any money to a wedding website company, sign up for free first. If the free features are enough for you great. If not, then you can always upgrade at a later date. Most website companies will have you sign up for a year so be sure you are getting the most amount of time as possible when you do sign up.

2. Pick a Name: The name you pick for your website will likely be the domain name of your wedding website. So, be sure you pick a name that relates to your wedding and is one that will be easy to remember for all those who will visit your website.

3. Pick a Theme: The theme you pick will serve as your template. Most wedding websites have a large variety of themes that you can pick from so take your time and find the perfect theme to express your emotions properly.

4. Build Your Wedding Website: Don’t be intimidated by this step. All you have to do is sort of ‘fill in the blanks’ and your website will begin to take shape. With some typing here and some dragging and dropping pictures there, your website will be finished in no time at all.

5. Take it Live: Once your website looks exactly the way you want it to look, make it live for others to see. All you have to do is click your mouse button a couple more times and approve the site to go live. You can choose to let anyone view your website or you can only allow those who you give a password to the ability access it. The choice is yours.

Your wedding website will able to be changed whenever you so desire. So, you can add or take away anything you wish in a matter of minute and always ensure your website is exactly the way you want it to be.

Are You In Love With The Environment? Wedding Websites Help to Go Green

In the age of technology, there are many free wedding websites to help happy couples stay on task. But even more than the organizational aspect, the reduction in paper can help to save the planet in a few easy steps. Here are five ways that a wedding planning website can help couples go green:

1. Wedding Announcement: Couples spend extra money, time and of course envelopes and cards in order to spread the word of their engagement. Creating a page to inform that you are in fact betrothed nixes the need for unnecessary paper. Passwords are utilized to maintain confidentiality.

2. Invitations: A wedding invitation envelope is usually jam-packed with anywhere from two to ten pieces of paper. People want to include all the necessary information so guests know the meal choices, accommodations and of course the date and time of the ceremony and reception. Outer envelopes, inner envelopes and direction cards use up a lot of trees when sending to multiple people.

3. Trackers and Checklists: Many couples have a wedding notebook they use to keep track of information for the planning and gifts. Also, most sites will keep you on task by offering a time-line, so post-it notes need not apply here. There is no need for that extra paper with the convenience of wedding website tracking.

4. Pictures: Just like the announcements, people can go to the site to view all of the wedding photos in one convenient location. Uploading takes a minimal amount of time these days and can save on printing copies for everyone who attended.

5. Thank You Notes: Sure there is something to be said for the personal touch of a thank you card. But most wedding websites offer templates to jazz up each person’s note. They will appreciate the sentiment of an online thank you card without couples having to use more paper and envelopes.

With all these ways to cut out the paper and the added convenience to boot, isn’t it about time to start looking into putting all your wedding info on a website? This will be an activity you can share with your partner. Wedding websites are much more like creating wedding scrapbooks back then. Only this time, wedding scrapbook has a new modern twist it. And the best part is that you’ll be sharing the experience not only to those who can physically hold the “book” but for each and everyone who would key in your website’s address. This is so much fun!

Using a Wedding Website to Help Plan for Your Big Day

Planning a wedding is understandably a daunting task. There is so much to think about such as the wedding & reception venues, cakes, suites, dresses, the wedding theme, the bridesmaids, the best man, contacting wedding suppliers and getting quotes, sorting out accommodation for guests, sorting out catering, invites, musicians and/or DJ’s, hairdressers, make-up artists, table names and decorations, honeymoon arrangements including visas, passports and vaccinations and so much more! Having a wedding website may provide an additional, and much needed solidity to the whole process. Not only will a wedding website display all of the relevant details such as the time and date of the wedding, but also gives your guests the opportunity to contact you easily with any questions or suggestions.

A well structured website can feature an RSVP form, connected to a record viewer, allowing you to monitor attendance levels and menu preferences.

With a wedding website you can have a news section and blog – keeping your potential guests informed of any changes and allows them to ask questions publicly, thus saving you time.

Your website can feature a map & directions page, making it easier for your guests to find both the wedding and reception venue.

Additionally you can upload accommodation suggestions, including the prices and descriptions of local hotels, pubs and guesthouses.

Also, another very useful feature associated with having a website for your wedding is having the ability to upload photos and videos after the wedding for everybody to see.

Another useful page, which you can include on your website, is a menu and seating arrangement section. This way your guests can see where they will be sat before they arrive at the venue.

Finally, wouldn’t it be nice to have a section of your website which allows the bride and groom to talk about “their story”. This could include details of how they met and include any interesting or amusing stories relating to the success of their relationship.

As you can see there are countless ways to utilise such a website.

It is, however, important to find a wedding website template that is easy to edit, update and maintain. This is very important because the last thing you want when trying to add an important news article or monitor the number attendees, is additional stress and confusion. Of course, it goes without saying that you will want to find a wedding website that looks elegant and professional. Many of the wedding website templates that currently exist look somewhat cheap and, well, like a template. So make sure you search the internet for a while to find a wedding website template that has a beautiful and stylish design.

Of course, if you are willing to spend the money you could commission a web design company to design you a bespoke website for your wedding. However, this will inevitably be expensive compared to purchasing a non-exclusive website, especially since you will not be needing the website for any great length of time. That said, you may wish to hold on to the website as a memorial of your big day.

Wedding Website Features

There are various resources which help in making the wedding easier and an unforgettable one. With the technology becoming more and more advanced, various couples are fascinated with the idea of having their own wedding website. A wedding is the most important step in the life of a person and want to do everything to make this day a special day. Making your own wedding website helps you to arrange various details which must be planned for the wedding and to honor your wedding day.

Having your own wedding website really helps you to stay planned in the preparation of your wedding. As you surely want to send the customary wedding invitations in print, but you can also send online invitations. In our daily routine, most of us stay online and you will surely get a reply online instead of mail or telephone. A wedding website has many following features-

RSVP Management– Permit your loved ones and guests to RSVP online in order to save precious time. Assemble the cuisine options and other preferences. You can also have password protected RSVP page or for the personal RSVP events. The data can be easily downloaded anytime and can be viewed conveniently in your control panel.

Multiple Photo Albums– Make infinite photo albums and upload maximum pictures. You can swiftly add, edit, and administer your photos. You can easily upload a maximum of five photos at a time and arrange and rearrange with drag and drop facility.

Video and Music– There are no limitations on uploading media files. You can also select music of your choice to be played in the background. Upload maps from Google, a custom HTML, and a slideshow. You have the provision of uploading file formats like jpeg, doc, mpeg, avi, mp3, mov, txt, and pps.

Poll and Quiz– With the help of poll and different types of quizzes you can judge how much your family and friends know you. Limitless quizzes and polls can be very exciting and great fun. You can make use of these tools to collect the details from the guests and friends like what is your favorite music and then let them decide from disco, rock, and hip-hop etc.

List for Mailing– You can keep your visitors and friends updated about your wedding function and related news by joining your mailing list. You enjoy the provision of mailing them anytime you wish. You can also add, edit, or delete the people anytime on your mailing list with the help of control panel.

Limitless custom page– Besides the pre-built pages, you can also make a wide variety of custom pages which will adjust to the design you have chosen on its own.

It is such a great idea to have your own wedding website and you can also keep your friends and your loved ones informed about your wedding. Yes, there are other reasons as why couples want to have their own wedding website, but the main reason is to share the memories with all the people who are really important.