Wedding Series – Personal Wedding Website

Personal wedding website offers rich source of information about the bride/groom and their thoughts about marriage. Internet has made wedding plan much simpler for twenty first century couples.

Personal wedding website not only contains pre-wedding details, but also has minute elaboration of wedding ceremony along with marriage images.

Couples can disseminate a lot of information using personal wedding website. With this, they eliminate the endless information requests, which typically occur as wedding date approaches.


Personal websites are the best way for friends and family to access information on wedding events. Most wedding websites allow people to RSVP online.

More than 85 percent of RSVPs come through email. Another benefit of personal websites is that users can easily print bios and pictures so that they can save them. Few sites permit couples to update photos from honeymoon and wedding as time passes.

The major advantage of wedding website is that it allows couples to have a link to their online registry. With this, guests can check what the couple selected and accordingly contribute without leaving home. In short, couples receive only those gifts which they would like to have in their new home.

Why A Personal Website

Some wedding websites also contain other details such as marriage quiz or poll countdown. Others have special pages for out-of-town guests.

Personal wedding allows couples to offer guests with all forms of information about popular areas to visit along with suggested accommodations, shopping destinations and restaurants.

Some sites provide great links to travel destinations, hotels and other stuff. The greatest thing of all is that the couple can involve everyone in festivities, even those unable to attend the event.

Website allows everyone to be a part of the special day, especially guests who stay far away and couldn’t attend the ceremony on schedule.

Why Choose a Wedding Website?

Are you planning to get married? Are you looking for the best way to start? Well, if you are, you might want to visit a wedding website. Wedding websites are readily available for anyone who wants ideas on the right things to do and the ones to avoid to make sure that their wedding not only goes as planned but remains in both their minds and also in the minds of those who attend.

A wedding website is the right place to start looking the minute the issue of wedding comes into mind. A good website will give you ideas and clues on the right path to follow when planning a wedding.

With the current economic situation, you can’t afford but spend the least on any item you are planning to buy for the wedding. That is where the wedding website comes in. The site will give you the right places to buy things like decorations, cakes and many other materials that you need in your wedding.

There are also some sites that are there to guide you on almost every step of your wedding preparation. Some of them will even provide you with the right place to get wedding planners, caterers, venue providers, the best wedding attire shops and other essential services that are usually needed in a wedding.

You will be directed to the best and cheapest services that are available in your area, giving you the chance to save some money during your wedding. Another good thing about these sites is the way they serve you. Not only are you given the best ideas and advice on what to do and what to avoid; but you are also taken through each step carefully and it is very difficult for you to miss a thing making your wedding preparation very simple.

How to Build Your Own Personal Wedding Website

Finally, your wedding date is set and it’s now up to you to keep the ball rolling as you are going into the details. Planning a wedding is one thing that will surely keep you on stress, not to mention the endless phone calls you have to make. Perhaps it should be your agenda to make something worth the while and summarize everything without even stressing yourself. What is the better way to lessen your stress? Setting up your own personal wedding website is one way to make it easier for you to track everything. It is almost like having a personal wedding assistant that never sleeps. All the necessary details are enclosed in it with the chance of asking your guests participate for the whole planning.

There are numerous ways to acquire your own personal wedding website. Some are free while some come with small fees. In either case, the good thing is that you want it to be more personalized and make the necessary changes the moment you want it. You will also want to keep the website alive for months and even years so you can update your friends and relatives on the details of the honeymoon and with the life being together. Some allow you to provide your own personal names in the URL itself so as to make it unique and catchy. Some may even cost you some charge to continue the site but it should be worth it.

The first thing that you should do after finding the host for your website is to choose the template. They may offer you various and stylish templates to personalize your wedding website. You can choose the colors and designs then you are free to go. After this, you can add the important details such as the wedding date, location and the map. You can also include your schedules and itinerary to inform your guests. This may include the rehearsal dinner, wedding showers, bachelor party, bachelorette party and some other details that you feel is important to your site. You can insert some links to the restaurants, menus or your wish lists of some kind for your guests to see.

Lastly, it is best to upload your greatest photos as well as your family members. For a more personal touch, you can add your childhood photos and with the people you and your partner have been closed with. You can also download your favorite songs, write about your daily experiences together, customize your fonts and even add a countdown clock to your big day. There are actually a lot of things you can do with your website. Adding a personal wedding website will surely be fun and certainly will gain good impressions from your guests. Make sure that you send the links to your guests through email or add the URL to your invitation so everyone can view it.

Who Has The Best Free Wedding Website?

Wedding websites are a great way to communicate with your friends and family and tell them your story as well as what is going on with you wedding. Not only can you website that allows you to give almost instant updates about the latest details but it also allows you to receive feedback from your friends and family with built in RSVP management. This can help save yourself time and money.

With so many different wedding website providers. Who offers the most services for free? I have listed my top 3 picks below in order of which one offer you the most features without paying a dime.

#1 – The knot is one of the biggest wedding websites on the net today. They have a ton of information about just about anything to do with weddings. The great thing is they also offer a completely free wedding website.


100% Free – Unlike most free wedding websites you have access to all of the features they offer from day one with no up sell.

No expiration date on their free accounts. (Some website companies expire you account after 1 year.)

Great default name for your website. (By default you website comes with a great name so there is no need to spend the money to buy a domain name. By default you site will by your user name Kelly Hall then, so if you name really was Kelly Hall your website name would be


No advanced features

Limited website designs to choose from.

#2 – Project wedding is similar to The Knot in the sense they offer wedding advice on just about everything from ideas to how to create your own bouquet to how to save money on your favors. On top of all that they make offer a great free wedding website.


100% Free – Unlike most free sites you have access to all of the features they offer from day one with no up sell.

No expiration date on their free accounts. (Some website companies expire you account after 1 year.)

Your site design can match your invitations because all of the website templates are based on an invitation.


Your website web address is long and not as friendly as the knot. (Your site’s address would look something like this

No advanced features.

#3 – is a one of the biggest providers of free wedding websites but just because they are the biggest doesn’t mean they are the best. has some a ton of great features as well as some we didn’t care for like ads on your site if it is free. This is always a big turn off and the reason it fell all the way to #3.


Cool advanced features (eWedding has some neat features like a great intro page you can add to your website and the ability offer polls and so on for free.)

Amount of designs to choose from. (They have more designs that the other and combined.)

Easy to use (The site is very user friendly and easy to navigate and use.)


Ads (Hi, this is my wedding and I have ads on my website. I know you have to cover the bills but ads are not a great way to do this.)

Missing essential features in the free version (You have features like the ability to take a survey but you can do an online RSVP $9.95 a month.)

Free sites expire after 1 year.

Wedding Website

If you are planning on getting married soon you should open your own wedding website. Your wedding website will allow you to manage all of the details of your wedding. At the end of your wedding you can even have your very own wedding page to post all of your gorgeous wedding photos for all of your loved ones to see.

The wedding website will let you drag and drop the photos right into each slot you choose. The wedding website even allows you to add video clips from your wedding or wedding reception as well as music. Keep your song alive in the minds of your family and friends. Whenever they hear it, they will think of the beautiful couple.

With your own wedding website you can choose to have your own domain. You can use both of your names at .com. This will make it easy for the two of you and family and friends to remember.

You can let everyone know how your guy proposed or how your girl proposed. Maybe it is a romantic story of the proposal or maybe it was a comedy of errors on how the proposal went. People like to read how one was proposed to. You can share any funny stories the two of you want known. You can even make up games for your friends to play while they are online. Share any after the wedding moments and/or post all of the happenings of your wedding reception to always have and read year after year.

Before the wedding even happens you will be able to plan your wedding online. You can keep track of the guest list. You and your spouse can easily double check the list so as not to forget anyone important to your wedding.

You will easily be able to send out e-mails to people to make sure they write the important date or dates on their calendar for your rehearsal dinner, wedding and wedding reception.

Plan your seating arrangement for your wedding dinner online as well. Make sure you have your wedding party table arranged and your immediate family’s table to your liking.

You can add your budget on the wedding website. Keep track of flower ordering, balloon ordering, cake ordering and more. You can make sure you do not spend more than you wanted to so you will not be shocked when the wedding bill comes.